Age Groups:

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

End Date:

Mon, 9/3/18

Start Date:

Fri, 8/31/18

This is a Pitch n'Hit Events, All-Inclusive Tournament!

* Each team will be required to have a minimum of 15 players / coaches. *

Date: 8/31/18 - 9/03/18

Location: Cocoa Expo Sports Center
500 Friday Road, Cocoa, FL. 32926

Ages: 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u, 18u

13U-14U / Middle School
15U-16U / Underclass
17U-18U / Upperclass
4-Game Guarantee

Cocoa Expo Offers Fee Structure;

1. All Inclusive Fee - Overnight Accommodations (Cooperstown Style), Meals, Event Fee, Training Center, Umpires and Baseballs Included

Please Call 321-639-3976.


13U/18U All-Inclusive Per Player Fee: $450 per player/coacper night (All Inclusive = All umpire fees, housing, baseballs, all meals and all training center fees). ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE INFO CLICK HERE

Your All Inclusive Package Includes:


All Game Balls, Umpire Fees, Sleeping Accommodations, All Meals and All Training Center Fees

Your buffet meals: Consist of hot breakfast with eggs, bacon/sausage, biscuits, gravy, potatoes, pancakes/french toast, fruit cereals.

Lunch: Hot themed buffet and salad bar with toppings.

Dinner: Hot themed buffet, which includes themes like Italian, Asian, BBQ, Carribean, American and Mexican.

Training Center:  Hit off the Pro Batters video similated machines and hand throw cages and use our MLB weight room.

Sleeping Accomodations:  Join us in our Player Suites that offer a 50" LED TV in every suite. The suites allow for great team bonding and comradery and players have a blast in our Rec Hall where every night is movie night. In addition we have two arcades full of games, pool tables, air hockey tables etc. Also we offer coin laundry and commecial laundry service.

Age Cutoff – May 1

Playing Rules are Posted Lower Section of this Page

Division(s) Offered – AA, AAA, Major (Provided there are enough teams to split)

Entry Deadline – Tuesday before weekend of tournament

Payment Options – Check, Money Order, Credit Card

Umpires- Pay at the Plate

Game Baseballs - PIncludes 2 baseballs per game

Checks – If you are sending a check it must be received by our office no later than 7 days prior to event start date. Mail to: Cocoa Expo Sports Center 500 Friday Road, Cocoa, FL. 32926. Also, be sure to include tournament name, team name and age group, manager name, email and phone number with your check

Game Guarantee – 4GG

Format – 3 Pool Games/Single Elimination (subject to change depending on final number of teams)

Schedule Released – Generally Wednesday Afternoon before Tournament Start Date

New Gate Fee – $8 per person/ per day  

By attending or playing in our events you agree to all policies listed.

Hotel Requirements - CLICK HERE for our hotel partner Access. Over night teams, parents, families and friends paying for accomodations must stay in one of our Partner Hotels or pay $20 per player per night to Cocoa Expo.  Everyone DO NOT call the HOTELS.  All Hotel Reservations MUST be booked through Cocoa Expo by calling  321-639-EXPO(3976).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Refund Policy – Cocoa Expo Sports Center maintains a strict no refund policy. All sales are final.  Please review the “Rules & Policies” specific to the event you’re registering for as certain conditions may apply.

Rain Out Policy – By playing in our events you agree to this policy.
0 Games Played or any portion of 1 Game played – 75% credit
1 Complete Game Played – No credit will be given
No rain checks on gate fees will be issued.

NO TEAM OR INDIVIDUAL FOOD OR DRINK/COOLERS ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK  (Please respect this rule. Violators will be asked to the leave the complex and may be tresspassed.) Fresh ice water is provided in every dugout for each teams use. 

By entering or attending a Cocoa Expo Event(s) you hereby agree to adhere to all terms contained in this website and all other applicable documents in association with said event(s). 

By entering the Cocoa Expo property and grounds each individual or guardian thereof  hereby grants the Cocoa Expo or its affiliate, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and designees (collectively “EXPO”) non-revocable permission to capture my image and likeness in photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings, or any other media (collectively “Images”). I acknowledge that EXPO will own such Images and further grant the EXPO permission to copyright, display, publish, distribute, use, modify, print and reprint such Images in any manner whatsoever related to EXPO business, including without limitation, publications, advertisements, brochures, web site images, or other electronic displays and transmissions thereof. I further waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the Image by the EXPO prior to its use. I forever release and hold the EXPO harmless from any and all liability arising out of the use of the Images in any manner or media whatsoever, and waive any and all claims and causes of action relating to use of the Images, including without limitation, claims for invasion of privacy rights or publicity.

Cocoa Expo Sports Center Baseball Tournament Rules

Game Times - Teams must be at their field, dressed and ready to play, at least 30 minutes before their scheduled start time. The tournament director reserves the right to start games early if the field is available and there is the threat of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Time Limits – The 8:U-12:U age groups will have a 1:45 time limit, no new inning started after 1:35. The 13:U-14:U age groups will have a 1:50 minute time limit, no new inning started after 1:40. 15:U-18:U age groups will have a 2 hour time limit, no new inning started after 1:50. The time starts at the finish of the umpire/coach plate meeting. It is the responsibility of the head coach to know what the official start time is before every game. There will be no time limits on Championship Games. In the National Invitational Championships, there will be no times limits on Championship and Semi-final Games. Stalling will not be tolerated. If the umpires or tournament directors feel a team is intentionally stalling the game they reserve the right to forfeit the team. 

Complete Game – If a game has been shortened due to severe weather, lighting malfunction or any other unforeseen circumstances, the Cocoa Expo Sports Center will do everything in their power to complete the game as scheduled. However, in the event the game cannot be completed, the Cocoa Expo Sports Center considers a contest a complete game as long as 3 innings have been completed. The final score is determined by going back to the last completed inning. If both teams were tied at the end of the last completed inning, the game will be registered as a tie. If the game is an elimination game, and the last completed inning was a tie, the higher seed going into the game is determined the winner. 

Tie-Games (Pool Play) – In pool play, if two teams are tied at the end of regulation (time limit or innings) the game will be recorded as a tie. Each team will receive a ½ win and ½ loss. 
Tie-Games (Elimination Play) – In bracket play, if two teams are tied at the end of regulation the game will be finished using the Cocoa Expo tie-breaker rule.

Tie Breaker Rule:  The last 3 hitters from the previous inning will load the bases. The last hitter will be on 1st base. The hitter before him will be on 2nd base. The hitter before him will be on 3rd base. Normal substitution rules apply to all runners and batters. The hitting team will start with one out. Play will continue using this format until one team is ahead at the end of an inning. 

Rosters Limits – There are no roster limits in any of the Cocoa Expo Sports Center Events. If for whatever reason a team drops down to 8 healthy players, they may start and play the game with only 8 players. However, every time the 9th spot in the batting line-up comes up, the team will be issued an automatic out. Once a team drops below 8 players, they must forfeit the game. 

Official Rosters – For the weeklong, National Invitational Championships, each team must submit an official tournament roster as well as a copy of each player’s birth certificate. These documents are due 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the tournament. For the weekend tournaments, each team must have in their possession at all times, an official team roster, along with a copy of every player’s birth certificate. In the event of a protest, any team without these documents is subject to forfeit and removal of the tournament. 

 – If a coach wants to issue a protest they must submit their protest along with $100 cash, and give it to the umpire who will call the tournament director. All protests will be reviewed by the Cocoa Expo Tournament Committee and they will make the final decision in a timely manner. All protest decisions made by the tournament directors will be final. If the protest is upheld the cash will be fully refunded back to the coach. Any and all protests MUST be made before the next play following the infraction. This includes pitching violations. The pitcher MUST be on the mound in order to protest a pitching violation. Any protest submitted regarding judgment calls by umpires will not be tolerated or reviewed. 

Home Team – In all Cocoa Expo tournament games, the home team will be decided by coin flip prior to the start of the game. The umpire does not have to be present to witness the coin flip. 

Showcase Mercy Rules – The mercy rules will be enforced based on the following run differentials:  15 runs after 3 innings (or 2 ½ if the home team is winning)  12 runs after 4 innings (or 3 ½ if the home team is winning)  10 runs after 5 innings (or 4 ½ if the home team is winning) 

Bat Restrictions and Equipment – In the 13 and under age groups, bats must have a 1.15 BPF stamp. In the 14 and older age groups, teams must adhere to the NFHS bat restrictions. Metal cleats are prohibited for ages 12U and under. All other baseball and safety equipment is the responsibility of each team. 

Lead-Offs and Steals – 9:U Age groups and up will be open bases, so the runners can lead off and steal at any time. 

Field Dimensions – The following dimensions will be used for the base and mound distances:  7:U/8:U – 42ft mound, 60 ft bases  9:U-10:U – 46ft mound, 65 ft bases  11:U-12:U – 50ft mound, 70ft bases  13 and older- 60ft mound, 90ft bases 

Pool Seedings – At the end of pool play, seeding’s will be based on the following: 1. Overall win/loss 2. Total runs allowed in pool play 3. Total runs scored in pool play  4. Run differential in pool play  5. Coin toss by umpire with coaches calling until all bracket locations are filled  

Mound Visits – Coaches are allowed one mound visit per inning. On the coach’s second visit, the pitcher must be removed. 

Extra Hitter (EH) / Designated Hitter (DH) – Teams have the option of using the EH and DH. The DH does not have to be used for the pitcher. At the Cocoa Expo Sports Center teams have the option of playing their entire team by using as many EH’s as they want. EH’s can be freely substituted defensively. However, if a team elects to bat their entire line-up and a player gets injured or ejected, his spot in the line-up will be an automatic out every time it comes up. 

Courtesy Runners – Teams have the option of courtesy running for their pitcher and catcher. The courtesy runner must be a legal substitute that has not been entered into the game yet. 

Pitching Limitations -

  • Column A - maximum innings in one (1) day and still pitch the next day

  • Column B - maximum innings in one (1) day

  • Column C - maximum innings in three (3) consecutive days

  • A pitcher must rest one (1) day if maximum innings is exceeded.





7U – 12U




13U – 14U




15U – 18U




*For all other rules refer to NFHS Rule Book