Baseball League - Cocoa Expo's Pro Winter League 2017 - Professional - 2018


Age Groups:

18 - 40

End Date:

Fri, 11/23/18

Start Date:

Fri, 11/2/18

Winter 2017 will make the 2nd season of the Pro Winter League since our $50 Million restoration/renovation project of the 23 season Houston Astros facility.  Last season's Winter League over 100 players were evaluated by Scouts and Coaches from MLB, the Frontier League, Canadian League, Japenese League, Pacos League, Atlantic League, Independent League and many others.  More than 30 players were signed and 2 recieved offers from MLB.  This winter 2017 event stands to be even better with more than 300 players expected to attend along with more Scouts and Coaches.

Cocoa Expo's Professional baseball Winter League is like no other in the U.S. We provide a special setting for Scouts and Coaches to evaluate players unlike other faclities. From our 35,000 sq.ft. training facility that boasts 14 indoor batting cages with 7 video simulated probatter machines, to our 11 professional fields. Scouts and Coaches that are looking to sign players can evaluate you better here than anywhere else and players get more exposure.  In addition everything is provided at one single location.  Players never have to leave the complex.  We provide housing onsite, all meals are included and onsite with our master chef preparing with food displayed and served at our exclusive buffet spread.  

Step out of the Rec Hall and Cafeteria and jump right into the 35,000 sq ft. training center that houses $1million in weight equipment, steppers, treadmills, eliptials, climbers and more than 110 stations.  No facility can compare.  At Coao Expo's Winter League you'll receive evaluation at our facilities and will have no need to leave.      

Tickets will be on sale for every game.  There will be 20+ games for each team.

After purchasing, you will recieve your tickets at the Entry Gate. Simply bring your paid receipt to receive your ticket(s). Or purchase all your tickets at the gate!  Purchasing a ticket will get you into any one game of your choice.

Game Schedule

Away   Home Time Location
Mon, 1 / ? / 17
vs.               5:00 PM Stadium