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Complex History

The Cocoa Expo Sports Center was built in 1964 as the Spring Training home of the Houston Colt 45’s (later known as the Houston Astros).  The Houston Astros called the Cocoa Expo their Spring home from 1964-1985; 21 years!  In 1985, the park turned its attention to amateur sports and hosted hundreds of NCAA, High School and youth tournaments.  The park did not see any professional teams play in their stadium until 1993, when the Florida Marlins used Cocoa Expo as their Spring Training home in the franchise’s inaugural season.           

The Florida Marlins played their first game ever in the Cocoa Stadium.  Since then, the Cocoa Expo Sports Center has been one of the nation’s most popular High School and College Spring Training facilities.  Through the years, the complex also became a popular destination for other sports such as Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, Football, Swimming and even High School Band Camps.

Long-time residents of the Cocoa area have seen the Cocoa Expo Sport Center go through many different changes over the past few decades.  What was once known as one of the finest sports complexes around, the Expo slowly began to lose its luster.  Without any significant renovations in over 20 years the complex became severely outdated and was in desperate need of a full make-over.

In the Summer of 2012, with a great deal of support from private sports investors, the Cocoa Expo Sports Center is receiving a long-overdue renovation of the entire complex.  From the stadium and baseball fields to the dorms and indoor arena, the complex has received a $40 Million overhaul and is again known as one of the premier sports complexes in the entire country.  Despite its glorious past, the Cocoa Expo’s finest days are still ahead.  The “New” Cocoa Expo Sports Center is now playing host to thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world. The next chapter of the Cocoa Expo Sports Center story has begun........