Cocoa Expo Baseball Camps

The Cocoa Expo Baseball Camps offer athletes from around the world an opportunity to learn, develop and train at the premier sports complex in the entire country.  All camps are designed and directed by Coach Jay Bergman, amoung the top twenty all time winningest coaches in NCAA Division 1 history.  Cocoa Expo Camps use advanced teaching techniques that will take your game to the next level.  At the Cocoa Expo Sports Center, we offer 3 different types of camps to meet the needs of players of all ages and ability levels; the Expo Elite Baseball Camps, Winter Preseason Training Camps and the Jay Bergman Baseball Camps.

Expo Elite Showcase Camps (High School Only)

The Expo Elite Showcase Camps give high school athletes the opportunity to interact with and learn from current college baseball coaches.  All of the Expo Elite Camp instructors are CURRENT college baseball coaches that are hired by the Cocoa Expo to run these events.  If you are a high school player that is looking to play in college, these events were created for you!  

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Winter Training Preseason Camps (Ages 13-22)

If you are looking for a chance to get yourself in “Baseball Shape” before your season begins this camp is made for you.  With your baseball season right around the corner the Winter is a critical season for you to make sure you are at peak physical and mental condition so you can withstand the rigors of the long baseball season.  Every player that goes through these preseason camps will undergo a detailed preseason throwing program, hitting program, positional work and a strength and conditioning programs that will help your body “peak” at the right moment.  

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Jay Bergman Baseball Camps (Ages 9-14)

The Jay Bergman Baseball Camps are designed to be informative, instructional, developmental and, last but not least, fun.  These residential camps allow campers to sleep, eat, practice and play baseball all at the Cocoa Expo.  Campers will live in our summer camp style dormitories with players from all around the country.  Players will receive top instruction from a professional staff of coaches and they will compete in live situations every day.  During their “down time” campers will be able to cool off at the Cocoa Expo Water Park, eat snacks in the All Star Café or hang out in the Players’ Lounge.  

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